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This is a 14 oz. CRANBERRY CUPBOARD jar candle  made by 1803 Candles Inc., my top selling candle brandAll of the scents are incredible and delicious! Made in America by a small family owned company.  Put up in a reusable Kerr mason jar with solid black metal lid. 80 hour burn time. The advantages of soy is that it is a renewable natural resource and it burns clean when the wick is kept trimmed. Makes a great gift!

“Mr. Jones would give us a bag of apples for mama. We would eat one before we got home. I wonder if mama knew.”

The tart and crisp sensation of a freshly cut apple is one of our most favorite things. The flavors from each bite tempt each taste bud, only to have them crave more after every delicious bite. This sensation was the inspiration for 1803 Candles Crab Apple Farm scent. The aroma of Crab Apple Farm will transport you to the crisp days of autumn right into the middle of an apple orchard ripe for the picking.

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